Production and Post-production Insurance

This contract covers you in pre-production, production and post-production, for the following risks:

  • cancellation;
  • additional costs (induced by the postponement);
  • no-show / cast (essential persons listed in the contract);
  • medium (eg theft or destruction).
In addition, the contract also includes the following covers:

  • your equipment;
  • sets, costumes and accessories;
  • play vehicles.



You can choose from two sets of benefits (one, the other or both):

Package of benefits "A":
  • Cancellation and additional costs: up to  2,500,000;
  • Cover for sets, costumes and accessories up to € 200,000;
  • Cover for play vehicles up to € 50,000.
Note: package "A1" does not include the terrorism benefit; package "A2" includes cancellation in the event of terrorism.

Package of benefits "B":
  • Medium coverage: up to € 2,500,000;
  • Coverage of your equipment up to € 300,000.

Note: this contract excludes coverage of the direct and indirect consequences of epidemics.


Package of benefits Rate
A1 - Cancellation
(cancellation benefit :
- cast, non-show, 
- weather, 
- sets, costumes, accessories,
- play vehicules,
- additional costs)
0.46 %
A2 - Cancellation
(same as A1, but includes terrorisme)
0.49 %
B - Medium and equipment benefits 0.30 %

Note: rate basis = production budget (selling price to the broadcaster) excluding VAT.
Note: minimum premium = € 100.


  • Up to 5 key persons insured;
  • Compulsory medical examination for key persons if budget > € 500,000;
  • Age of key persons limited to 70 years old;
  • Contract reserved for advertising spots and photo shoots.

Note: contact us for any particular quotation that does not meet these criteria.