Event Cancellation Insurance

Cover for your financial losses resulting from the cancellation, interruption or postponement of an event due to an unforseable cause beyond your control or that of the insured persons.

Non-exhaustive list of events that may trigger this coverage

  • Cancellation including terrorism;
  • Additional costs / Backup / Postponement and / or withdrawal of an event;
  • Unavailability / Cast (death, accident and illness of persons designated as essential for the holding of the event and / or family bereavement);
  • Bad weather (on prior request from the subscribing entity).


The limit for the cancellation benefit is set at € 3,000,000 per event.

This limit is brought down to € 500,000 in the event of terrorism*.

*: Terrorism coverage is only acquired for events taking place in countries of the European Economic Area.

Note: this contract excludes coverage of the direct and indirect consequences of epidemics.


All benefits including terrorism extension and unavailability of designated persons:

Location of the event Rate
French territory 0.60 %
Europe 0.75 %
Rest of the World 0.85 %

Note: terrorisme cover is valid only for events taking place in countries of the European Economic Area.
Note: rate basis = total budget of the event.
Note: minimum premium = € 100 €.


  • Insurance must be taken out at least one week before the start of the event (increased to 15 days if bad weather coverage is requested);
  • Up to 5 key persons insured for unavailability;
  • Maximum age of insured persons: 70 years old;
  • The guaranteed budget is limited to € 3,000,000 per event.